Is private boating, kayaking or paddle-boarding allowed on Mercer Lake?

No – Private boating of any type is not allowed on Mercer Lake.

Pursuant to the Rules and Regulations of Valwood Improvement Authority, private boating of any kind is not allowed. This prohibition exists for the safety of the public and the integrity of the District’s flood control and raw water distribution facilities.  All Lake shorelines are connected to privately owned property which limits the ability to monitor activity on the Lake. Lastly, there is substantial risk of foreign aquatic weeds or marine life being introduced into the Lake and harming the Lake’s eco-system.

Is fishing allowed on Mercer Lake?

Yes – Fishing is allowed on Mercer Lake, but only from the bank at this time.

Are there alternatives for kayaking or fishing?

The Elm Fork of the Trinity River is located just to the West near to the service road of LBJ. The City of Farmers Branch Parks & Recreation Department is available for more information.

Parks & Recreation | Farmers Branch, TX – Official Website (farmersbranchtx.gov

Is swimming allowed in Mercer Lake?

No – Swimming is not allowed on Mercer Lake or any waterway within the Valwood Improvement Authority.

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